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Jennifer Sniderman

Founder & Chief Strategist

I believe it’s possible for people to have work that is meaningful, environments in which they flourish while creating value in the world. For nearly 20 years, I’ve helped leaders transform business and improve performance through stakeholder dialogue and by designing innovative customer and employee experiences. It’s clear that those who are able to harness whole-power of their talented, diverse people and create vibrant teams have a competitive advantage. Today, I help people connect with their purpose, foster dialogues to drive growth, develop business strategies, set shared goals and create work groups that are inspiring, energizing and innovative. I’m a proud partner with Meaningful Work Lab, where we are developing and testing new practices and measures to shape the future of work and Home, an employee experiences agency, based in the UK.

Communication + Culture = Performance

Practice Areas

Culture| Employee experience | Meaningful Work

When work has meaning people experience greater levels of psychological well being and perform at their most optimal levels. Through our partnership with Meaningful Work Lab we can help you define and understand the individual and group dynamics to develop a Blueprint for Meaningful Work. Together, we can create bespoke action plans and ways of working to ensure that individuals and teams have line of sight to personal and company purpose, people are valued for their contributions, and share a sense of belonging to make your culture a competitive advantage.

Leadership Communication | Executive On-boarding

Today, leaders are asked to do more than deliver business goals. You’re asked to inspire, motivate and unlock energy within your team to transform people and business. Whether you are stepping into a new role or working to drive high-performance, we help you clearly articulate a vision, co-create business strategies and goals, bring stakeholders along on the journey, while connecting authentically with all audiences.

STRATEGY Development

We believe organizations thrive when paths to growth and value are developed by engaging a diverse stakeholder group and involving the people who will take action. Our practices incorporate concepts of design thinking and Appreciative Inquiry to build on the best of what’s possible and harness the power of a broad group of stakeholders to help inform and deliver your strategy.


Whether you need to build a better mouse trap or re-imagine your fundamental business processes to optimize performance, our practices for innovation put the customer journey at the center and accelerate attainment of your goals.

Transformation & Growth

Nearly every business we encounter is sprinting to keep pace with a volatile and uncertain landscape. Startups are setting new rules and then smashing them as they continuously evolve. We can assist as you execute small- or large-scale initiatives using proven, measurable practices to build and protect your reputation with investors, employees and the public during times of change.

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